Share based compensation made easy with Incentrium – the platform for management, valuation and reporting ESOPs and VSOPs


Incentrium as your SSOT for share based compensation helps you to keep the most up-to-date overview of your plans

  • Manage new programs, new grants, leaver tracking and initating exercises

  • SSOT of relevant documents (grant letter, exercise note)

  • Audit log

  • Admin & Employee dashboards


No matter whether SOP, VSOP, RSU, PSU: It was never easier to perform valuation of your share based compensation

  • SOP, VSOP, RSU, PSU etc.

  • Index linkeage, performance measures, caps, etc.

  • 3 valuation speed modes

  • Innovative, modular pricing, no need for financial mathematical know-how anymore


Performing reliable and compliant reporting for internal or external reporting requirements … fast, with flexible assumptions

  • Slicing & Dicing: From single grant fraction to entire program

  • Maximum flexibility (periodicity, leaver rate)

  • Multi-GAAP (IFRS 2, ASC 505-50 and 718, etc.)

  • Automated notes disclosure