Valuation Engine

No matter whether SOP, RSU, PSU: It was never easier to perform Valuation of your share-based compensation with our innovative Valuation engine
  • Our Valuation model allows the Valuation of every different plan type whether RSU, PSU, SOP, VSOP, LTI etc.
  • Hurdle Shares? Incentrium evaluates all constructs you can imagine
  • Covering all different types of conditions like cap, index linkage, relative performance measures and more
  • Rough estimate or precise fair value for reporting purposes? Incentrium has 3 different Valuation accuracies to cover all needs in terms of speed and accuracy
  • Innovative modular pricing based Valuation technology Incentrium is able to cover the most complex plans
  • With Incentrium there is no need for expensive in-house or external financial mathematical know-how anymore
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